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Complimentary Strategy Session

Frequently asked questions about an initial strategy session with us


1. What’s going to happen?


We’re just going to talk and we’ll ask you a few critical questions that will help 

us identify your goals and potential challenges in your financial world.


2. How long will it take?


Most initial strategy sessions last 60-90 minutes. This won't be painful. Expect a casual exchange that may help shed light on whether there are any area where we feel we can improve your overall financial situation.


3. What should I bring?


Nothing. You don't need to bring anything to your initial strategy session.


4.  Will you try to sell me anything?


Absolutely not. That’s not the way we work at Hobert Wealth Management.


5. What will be the next step after the initial strategy session?


The next step after our initial strategy session is deciding whether or not you like our process and if we feel we could help you in a meaningful and measurable way. If we both agree, we would then schedule a second strategy session to work together towards the development and implementation of a desired plan for you.